All on 4, also known as Teeth in a Day or Same Day Teeth, is ideal for people with missing or damaged teeth looking to restore a healthy, fantastic looking smile. Fixed Teeth in a Day is a suitable treatment for those missing multiple teeth or those with teeth in poor condition, and can quickly replace a full arch of teeth to transform your smile in to something you’ll be proud to show off.

The team here at Fusion Dentistry work together to ensure you receive the best possible care during your treatment for All on 4 implants in Cardiff. We can help you transition from missing or failing teeth to a healthy smile in just a single day – all without the need for uncomfortable, inconvenient dentures.

Why Choose All On 4?

The treatment allows us to transform your smile quickly and in a far less invasive way than some alternative treatments. The procedure uses just 4 implants to secure the entire row of replacement teeth, which is why we can complete the procedure so quickly.

If you’re missing multiple teeth, either through decay, injury or old age, Same Day Teeth can give you a full and fantastic looking set of teeth in just one day.

Who Can Benefit From The Treatment?

Teeth in a Day is suitable for the majority of patients looking to replace multiple missing teeth with full arch implants. We can offer this truly transformative treatment to those who:

  • Have broken, decayed or missing teeth
  • Are looking to upgrade from partial dentures
  • Are looking to stabilise existing dentures
  • Have previously been told they are not suitable candidates for dental implants
  • May need bone grafting

For many patients, the procedure doesn’t require as much work as you may think, and depending on the circumstances it can end up being more cost-effective than dentures and other alternatives.

Creating Your Smile

We all have our own unique set of teeth, with our own issues, concerns and desired results. We feel it’s important to work with our patients to help us deliver the results you want in an effective way. Our team of experts will fully assess your current dental situation, address any concerns you may have and discuss the various treatment options available to you.

For some patients, particularly those with multiple missing teeth, All on 4 allows a quick and effective alternative to repeated extensive dental work. It means we can design the ideal smile for you, perform the treatment and give you a new set of teeth in a day. The result is a healthy, natural looking smile that you’ll be proud to show off.

Smile With Confidence

Want to learn more about how we can transform your teeth in a single day with All on 4? Book a free consultation to find out if this is a suitable treatment option for you.

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This page was last updated: August 10, 2018