Orthodontic treatment has changed dramatically over the last few years, with a range of modern and highly effective treatments changing the way we deal with tooth alignment issues. From invisible retainers which are barely noticeable to the outside observer to fast acting appliances which can transform a smile in just a few months, patients have more choice than ever.


This modern approach is a less invasive and patient-friendly way of correcting alignment issues, and in most cases it avoids the need for any extractions. While the main benefit is straighter teeth and a more aesthetically pleasing smile, orthodontic treatment can also help provide better alignment of the jaws. We have a number of orthodontic treatments available to our patients.


Invisalign Invisible Braces


While in the not too distant past braces were highly noticeable and often uncomfortable to wear, developments in orthodontic technology means many appliances are now almost invisible. This allows us to provide highly effective teeth straightening while avoiding the aesthetic inconveniences involved with traditional braces.


Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment which uses a set of clear plastic aligners to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. The retainers are swapped out on a regular basis as the treatment progresses, avoiding the need for the manual adjustment required with braces. The result is a discreet and convenient way of correcting tooth alignment issues.


You can learn more about Invisalign treatment here.


C-Fast Braces


C-Fast braces are a fast-acting orthodontic treatment which is used to treat the upper and lower front 6 teeth. They can be fitted to the front or the back of the teeth, and in some cases we can even use a clear aligner.


The treatment works extremely quickly, providing results in only a few months. They are designed to target the “social 6”, which are the teeth shown when most of us smile. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing look and improved tooth alignment.


You can find out more about this treatment here.

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This page was last updated: April 14, 2016