Single Tooth Implants


A single dental implant can be used to replace a single missing or broken tooth, or to secure a small bridge to replace 2-3 teeth. The implant itself, a small titanium rod, is bonded to the bone, underneath the gum. Onto this, we are able to attach your new, permanent tooth. A single tooth implant is often the simplest way to permanently replace a missing, broken or decaying tooth.

During your treatment, you will be looked after by the caring, capable team here at Fusion Dentistry. Whether you need to replace just one tooth with a dental implant, or require a bridge to be attached to replace multiple teeth on a single implant, your smile and confidence can be restored in just a single day.

Why Choose A Single Dental Implant

If you have a single tooth that is damaged by an injury or showing signs of serious decay, or if your tooth is missing altogether, a single dental implant is a simple procedure which can permanently replace the tooth.

The crown attached to your titanium implant is made from strong and durable zirconia, which looks and performs just like a real tooth. You’ll be able to talk, eat and smile just as you used to. You can care for your dental implant just as you would for your natural teeth, with no need for any special treatment.

A Perfect Smile, In Just One Day

In most cases, the entire procedure for fitting a single dental implant can be carried out in one day. This includes extraction of the natural tooth if necessary, implanting of the titanium rod, and attaching the new tooth. Dental implants are carried out under local anaesthetic by our implant surgeon Guy McLellan with our CDT Mike Fuse

Throughout the process, we will consult with you to ensure your completed smile is just how you want it to look. We offer a range of options so that you can choose the shape and colour of your replacement tooth, and to ensure that it matches your remaining natural teeth for a perfect finish.

Who Can Benefit From The Treatment?

Single dental implants are suitable for the majority of patients who have a single missing or damaged tooth. We are able to offer this confidence-restoring procedure to people who:

  • Have a broken, decayed or missing tooth
  • Need to replace 2-3 teeth where the gap is small
  • Are looking for a permanent solution without dentures
  • Want to have immaculate cosmetic results with a realistic replacement tooth
  • May need bone grafting

For many patients, the procedure doesn’t require as much work as you may think, and depending on the circumstances it can end up being more cost-effective long-term than dentures and other alternatives.

Your Smile, Your Choice

Your teeth are unique to you, and every one of our patients has different concerns, issues and desired outcomes for their dental implant procedure. Throughout your time with us, we will work with you to deliver an outcome that will really make you smile! Our team will discuss with you your current dental situation, address any concerns you may have and discuss the various treatment options suitable for your needs.

A Permanent Solution To Your Missing Tooth

Stop hiding your smile! Restore your confidence and get back to eating, drinking, talking and laughing without worry. Dental implants are the closest thing to your natural teeth, and are the ideal solution for a single missing or damaged tooth.

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This page was last updated: July 16, 2018