A good fit is the basis for Fusion dentures. When they fit well, they don’t interfere with your life as you feel comfortable and can brush your teeth just like you used to. These dentures bring you as close to having natural, healthy teeth as possible, rather than becoming a painful and annoying distraction.


The dentures are created using an innovative approach called Denture Genics®, which takes all aspects of a patient into consideration to ensure a natural-looking result and a confident smile. The person’s age, personality and gender are all important for the design. Fusion professionals know that one size certainly does not fit all, and that carefully tailored fittings mean happy, self-assured patients who enjoy a better quality of life.


This specialised design also leaves you looking younger as it features underlying facial support, filling out your face and reducing wrinkles. Unlike conventional models which tend to cause sagging, aged skin, the Denture Genics® approach takes years off your smile!

Everyday Confidence

A further reason to be confident is that you’ll be able to eat when, where and with whoever you like, safe in the knowledge that custom-fitted dentures will not cause embarrassment when eating.

We also offer implant retained dentures which do not need to be removed for cleaning and give a natural bite, allowing patients to chew properly.

We can fit dentures to dental implants in a single day.  Rather than waiting weeks and cancelling plans , suitable patients can have their treatment in a matter of hours.

The first step is to arrange a free, no-obligation mini consultation, where you will gain a much better understanding of what you can expect to achieve. A meeting with our specialists will reassure you of their experience and dedication to creating beautifully natural dentures.


Why Choose Us?

Fusion Dentistry is run by Mike Fuse, who has over 15 years’ experience as a Dental Technician and is able to treat patients directly to restore their smiles with finesse and accuracy.

Mike’s expertise was highly commended at this year’s Aesthetic Dentistry Awards, where the judging panel praised the outstanding level of care that Mike has shown to his patients.

You can be confident that treatment will be completed to exacting standards, as Mike is working towards a Royal College of Surgeons of England diploma in Clinical Dental Technology.

We use the world’s most innovative solutions for missing teeth to provide a complete row of natural looking and feeling teeth, fast. If you’re looking for dentures in Cardiff, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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This page was last updated: May 24, 2018