Nervous Clients

Nervous Patients

We understand that you may be feeling nervous and scared about embarking on any treatment. We regularly care for patients who feel anxious; some have a lot of fear, or sometimes even a phobia.

We also understand that this may be keeping you away and stopping you from making a consult appointment, let alone having the treatment you really need. Maybe you are worrying about the pain; perhaps wondering how you might cope when you get here.

It’s helpful for us to know beforehand that you are nervous so we are able to give you particular attention and consideration. We want you to know that we can take things at your pace and in a way that puts you at ease, we want you to feel in control. An initial conversation with our dentist or treatment co-ordinator will really help you to understand how we care for you before, during and after. We want to help settle your nerves, and make you feel at ease.

At Fusion Dentistry, we aim to provide a calm, relaxed and reassuring atmosphere to make your experience with us as stress-free as possible. Here are some steps that you can expect during a treatment.

Before Your Consultation

At your initial appointment, we simply want to assess your dental situation; you don’t even have to sit in the dentist chair if you don’t want to, it won’t even feel like a visit to the dentist. Your initial consultation is a simple, informal chat about your hopes and expectations, and how we can help you to achieve your new smile.

You’ll get chance to look around the practice and see the lab where your new teeth are made. You’ll meet the technicians and have a chance to see photos and models of the implants and understand all about the treatment and process.

If you are comfortable enough, we may take photos of your smile, an xray and impressions of your teeth. This is so that we can advise and plan the most suitable treatment plan for your needs. You are encouraged to ask questions and have a say in every aspect of your procedure, including selecting the shape and colour of your new teeth.

During Your Consultation

You can expect to be with us for up a few hours, depending on your treatment. If you choose to opt for same day treatment – everything is completed on the same day, so this takes a full day. (click to same day teeth)

Should you feel the need to feel more relaxed and comfortable, there is an option for sedation by our consultant anaesthetist. We will need to take you through the process of sedation to ensure this is safe for you and your health. Most patients feel that local anaesthetic is fine especially as this stops you from feeling any pain during the treatment.

Our dentist will talk to you as he is taking you through every step of the process. He allows for time to rest your mouth and to ensure you are comfortable and at ease.

(our dental surgeon will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. We will talk to you, and explain each stage of the treatment)

After the treatment, you will be shown to a private recovery room to rest until you feel a home.

After Your Treatment

It is normal and expected for your mouth to feel sore in the days following surgery. You may feel a slight ache or discomfort for the first few days as your local anaesthetic wears off and the mouth begins to heal. This is completely normal, and can be managed by taking other over-the-counter painkillers.

We will explain to you the best way to manage eating after the treatment as there are specific aftercare advice about how to clean and care for your dental implants and your mouth as it heals. We will recommend you eat a soft diet for the first 2 weeks after your treatment. A soft diet means that you avoid crusty bread, apples and meat that require lots of chewing. This is simply to allow your mouth to heal and your implants to integrate.

Our treatment plan includes 12 months of post-treatment care including reviews and hygiene therapy to ensure that your implants are healthy.

We always encourage you to speak to us about any concerns you have during any stage of your treatment, to help you from feeling anxious and nervous. Please feel free to talk to any of our team about any niggling concerns or worries.

Anxiety about going to the dentist

Here are a number of common reasons that cause concern and worry in people that are anxious about visiting the dentist. There are many people that are very worried about seeking treatment and this keeps them from visiting the dentist. We understand this and are used to speaking to people with nervousness and anxiety every day. We understand how you feel and don’t want you to miss out on the treatment you really want and need. Whether you’ve had trauma from a previous dental experience or you are embarrassed about your smile, we always treat you as an individual. We have your best interests at heart and will work with you to understand your concerns and put your mind at ease.

Common worries about visiting the dentist

Fear of pain during or after treatment

You may be concerned that the implant procedure itself or the healing process will be painful. Dental implant treatments are typically managed with a local anaesthetic applied to the area, this numb and block pain so that you don’t feel anything. Sedation is an option should you feel it necessary, though the majority of our patients realise that this isn’t always needed once they understand the procedure and the process. Post-operative pain is normal and to be expected, though every patient is different. It can be controlled and managed with over-the-counter medication as it is only mild.

Fear of operations

Perhaps you’re worried about the implant procedure itself, whether everything will go to plan and what will happen to you whilst it is happening. Your procedure will be carried out by our qualified dentist and medical practitioner, Dr. Guy McLellan. You are also supported by a team of dedicated care nurse’s that will watch over you for the whole of the procedure

Previous experience at the dentist

Maybe you had a painful or traumatic experience in childhood, or you’ve simply grown to dislike dental visits, we understand that may have given you fear and anxiety. We want to encourage you that at Fusion, we pride ourselves on helping patients have different experiences from their past. We are with you every step of the way for support and encouragement. Come and speak to us about what happened before and let us help put your mind at ease. During all aspects of your treatment, you have access to a dedicated care practitioner, who will explain every aspect of the process so that you’re always reassured, informed and in control.

Worried about your bone density

Have you been informed previously that dental implants aren’t an option for you, as you don’t have enough density? We are able to offer a number of effective solutions for patients who have previously been told they aren’t suitable for having implants due to bone density problems. Our dentists have the experience and knowledge about dental implants and will be able to assess if you are suitable for implants. Experience has shown that the supposed bone level issues were standing in the way of many of our older clients that have since had successful implant treatments.

Fear of treatment failing

Maybe you are worried that your implants will fail and that you’ll be left with missing teeth or unsightly gaps. We reassure and advise our patients that providing you follow all of our advice about cleaning and caring for your new teeth, your dental implants should not fail. We include a 12 month post-operative care package in all dental treatments, to ensure your implants remain healthy.

Embarrassed about your teeth

It is common to feel embarrassed that your natural teeth are unattractive, discoloured, broken, decaying or missing. Maybe someone has made a comment to you, or you feel that you can’t open your mouth to smile properly. Many people feel embarrassed when they first come to see us, but there’s really no need – we see teeth in all conditions and are used to helping people that have struggled for a long time before getting the courage to come see us. We want you to feel that you can smile freely and without embarrassment, dental implants will change this for you. We are here to help you overcome the embarrassment. 

Fear of the unknown

It’s normal to feel anxious about any dental treatment, but it can help to know exactly what will happen so that you can prepare yourself. During the consultation process, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the Fusion Dentistry practice, visit the lab and meet the surgical team. We will also show you photographs and models of dental implants, to help gain a full understanding of the procedure and can be expected. We offer personal consultations and discovery days where you can come along and find out about Fusion Dentistry and dental implants.

Alternative therapy for nervous patients

Perhaps you’re suffering from a dental phobia, or you’re not sure what’s causing your fear. Alternative to sedation we can take a natural, holistic approach to treatment of nervous patients and can refer you for Amatsu therapy. This is a physical therapy that helps balance the body and brings your body’s healing system into play to overcome physical responses to fear. Talk to us about this when you come for your initial visit.

Why Choose Fusion Dentistry?

Our team are highly qualified and experienced in dental implants and we work with the latest techniques to achieve a high standard of treatment. Our team is continuously learning and growing with all new dental advances. Our focus is on minimal patient discomfort before and after the procedure. We work with all our patients to help them achieve the smile and look that they want. We want to help find the right treatment for their own personal situation.

We use the latest technology and the best implants to help deliver accurate implant placements and a high treatment success rate. If you’re looking to replace your missing, broken or decaying teeth please get in touch for a free consultation and initial visit to see what we are like.

If you’re looking for dental implants in Cardiff, get in touch, we’ll be delighted to talk to you.

Smile With Confidence

Take the first steps to overcome your nerves and have the teeth you’ve always dreamed of. With our friendly, reassuring team, your worries about dental treatment can become a thing of the past.

“We work together with you, getting ‘you’ back to ‘you’ and feeling your best self”

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