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1 November 2023

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You only have to see a few of our heart-warming patient testimonials to get a sense of how life-changing Fusion’s Same Day Teeth treatments can be.

Dental implants may be the right solution for you if you struggle with missing and failing teeth and want to bring your smile back to life. On top of the obvious cosmetic benefits of implants from fixing a gap caused by missing teeth come some tremendous health and lifestyle benefits.

Eat everything you used to eat and say goodbye to the soft-food diet – your new teeth secured with dental implants will stay perfectly in place even for a steak dinner!

In addition to improving your diet, the sturdiness of dental implants can help make you more confident. You’ll also find it much easier to speak and express yourself as there is no more slurred or mumbling speech associated with slipping dentures, nor those clicking sounds that can be aggravating and stressful.

One Fusion patient struggled for years with loose teeth after breaking his jaw in a skiing accident. In addition to choking on food and in his sleep, he suffered from low self-confidence, but now Same Day Teeth implants have given him “his life back!” Patients have also told us, “my world has opened up” and “I am a different person”. Another is now smiling again after years of covering her mouth whenever she laughed.

There are also further health benefits from dental implants. For example, if you leave the gap unfilled or have a denture, it can have a long-term effect on the appearance of your face from bone loss, and you may leave yourself open to a higher risk of infection.

Having a permanent, natural-looking, smile-transforming set of replacement teeth will restore confidence and self-esteem and has opened up many doors for our patients.

We start every treatment with a free, no-obligation telephone consultation where we discuss your concerns and goals and decide together on a bespoke treatment plan. We will choose your treatment carefully to give you the results you’re after and still fit within your timeframe and budget. At Fusion, we also offer a range of ways to help you spread the cost of your new smile, from easy monthly payments to 0% finance.

Book your free no-obligation telephone consultation today to come and meet the Fusion team. Let us confound your expectations!

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