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How Same Day Teeth Changed Linda's Life

Lindas Story

Our lovely Linda telling her smile transformation story.

Linda came to us in desperate need of a new smile and a confidence boost and that’s exactly what Fusion delivered :)! Linda had our Same Day Teeth treatment using dental implants meaning she came into the practice with her existing teeth in the morning and left in the afternoon (THE SAME DAY!) with a completely new FIXED set of teeth!! I’m sure you’ll agree that Linda looks absolutely amazing!

Same Day Treatment Corrected 12 Years of Discomfort

Antonie and Alex’s Story

Antonie and Alex are here to tell you their story.

They have both had amazing smile transformations here at Fusion Dentistry, where 12 years of discomfort was corrected in the same day with dental implants.

Stuart's Smile Makeover

Stuarts Story

Having played lots of sports and after many bumps to the mouth, Stuart ended up with a bridge.

When looking for something more permanent in the form of dental implants, he decided to come to Fusion Dentistry.

How Dental Implants Changed Jamie's Smile

Jamie's Story

Dental hygienist Jamie was looking for a dental practice where he could relax and get the specific treatment he wanted.

In the search for dental implants, he decided to come to Fusion Dentistry and he was not disappointed.

Deborah's Smile Journey

Deborah's Story

Deborah initially contacted us about her bottom teeth – she had bitten into an apple and they all moved.

However, she ended up getting both bottom and top dental implants. Although she was nervous, the incredible team here at Fusion Dentistry were here to make her feel calm and comfortable.

Carolyn's Smile Journey

Carolyn's Story

Carolyn desperately wanted to avoid dentures but was suffering from gum disease and missing teeth.

She loves her new smile and says that the time and expense of her treatment at Fusion were ‘absolutely worth it’.

Marion's Smile Journey

Marion's Story

Marion struggled for years with ill-fitting dentures which often caused her a great deal of pain and made her self-conscious.

She has absolutely no regrets about coming to Fusion for her new smile and says ‘her world has opened up’.

Richard's Smile Journey

Richard's Story

Richard broke his jaw in a skiing accident, then struggled for years with loose teeth.

In addition to choking on food and in his sleep, he suffered from low self-confidence.

Implants have given him his life back and he wishes he’d had it done years ago.

Philippa's Smile Journey

Philippa's Story

Philippa suffered from extreme dental anxiety and low self-confidence.

Nudged by her son’s wedding, and expecting her first grandchild, she opted for All-on-4 treatment and now describes herself as a ‘different person’.

Stuart's Smile Journey

Stuart's Story

Stuart used to say he’d rather go to war than to the dentist.

Watch him describe how his experience with sedation at Fusion changed his mind – and how his new smile has ‘thoroughly changed his life’.

Rachel's Smile Journey

Rachel's Story

Rachel is now training herself to smile again, after years of covering her mouth when she smiled or laughed.

Watch her talk about the incredible change having implants has made to her life.

Michael Brookes
Michael Brookes
22:26 28 Jun 24
If you are looking for perfection, then Fusion Dental are your people. A second to none service. Dr. Tim Mills my specialist, gave me back my smile and confidence. I had full top and bottom implants and well worth the cost involved. All the staff from friendly bubbly Marlene on Front of House to all the other staff that made me feel so welcome and at ease.
Jimmy Harris
Jimmy Harris
08:32 28 Jun 24
Just had full top arch done at fusion DentistWhat can I say WOW,From the first phone call to the treatment has been absolutely amazing.It's been a life changing experience allowing me to smile with so much confidence.I can't thank everyone at Fusion Dentist enough for way I was looked after, pride and professional was at the top of there priority.I would 100% recommend Fusion Dentistry to anyone love the team to bits.From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for everything ❤️
Ian Donovan
Ian Donovan
06:23 26 Jun 24
The Team at Fusion are very courteous and professional. From my initial appointment with Mike who assured me that the zygomatic all on 4 procedure could be carried out on me gave me the confidence and belief that this would be life changing for me. After years of wearing dentures and not being able to eat the foods I so wished I could, after having my all on 4's I am now able to eat with ease. I have regained my confidence and my wife is so grateful to the team at Fusion for giving me my quality of life back and couldn't wait to buy me a bagutte as that is what I was craving:) Thankyou Guy for your expertise in carrying out the operation and to Tim for my follow up appointments. Marlene was always welcoming at my appointments and the calm relaxed atmosphere at the clinic put me at ease. I cannot thank everyone at Fusion enough for helping me on my life changing journey.
John McGlade
John McGlade
13:22 24 Jun 24
Was recommended by a friend the whole experience was very good and painless the only thing was it seemed to go on forever but the end result was brilliant more than pleased Thank You Tim and all the rest of the Team you were amazing.
21:14 06 Jun 24
Really bad customer service! They tried different ways to persuade me to change my appointment date after I booked the appointment date two weeks earlier and even paid full amount in advance . Because they fitted other customers into the same date as well. I refused it and finally got the worst ever private dental experience !
simon edwards
simon edwards
10:44 14 Mar 24
Thanks to Tim my dentist and everyone else at Fusion Dentistry. Getting my treatment the was one of the best decisions I've made. The treatment was painless and I have my confident smile back again:)
Lizzie Littlewood
Lizzie Littlewood
11:58 01 Dec 23
These guys are all fantastic! They are a fab team, friendly, caring, informative and fun. I had a horrible journey before i saw Fusion, they have changed my life, I am in a much better pain and worry free place now. I cannot recommend Fusion enough!A special mention, as i know you like them, to Tim for your persistence in getting them perfect! Thank you all again so much x
Rob Norman
Rob Norman
10:18 26 Oct 23
If you are even just considering getting dental implants please go and see the team at Fusion. This is like no other dentist experience I've ever had .I could write lines and lines about how good this team is, but the best advice I can give is go and see them. I guarantee you will not regret it.
Hayley French
Hayley French
09:50 10 Oct 23
I have been with Fusion since February 2023 and I can honestly say that both the treatment and service I have received has been excellent. From my initial consultation where they listened, understood and supported me to find the best solution that was right for me, to the final fitting of my permanent upper and lower "All on 4 implants" This has been a life changing experience for me, I can now eat what I want pain free and smile with confidence. My new teeth are absolutely incredible and its all thanks to the Fusion Team. I would encourage anyone considering implants to visit Fusion and have an assessment, It is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Mike and Col Cauchi
Mike and Col Cauchi
04:26 29 Sep 23
From my initial chats with Katy Hulse to the finishing touches by Tim and Coral I've been impressed by the high standards of care shown by the entire team at Fusion. They somehow combine professionalism with a friendly approach that works perfectly.I didn't meet everyone at Fusion but the primary one day dental work led by Guy, Craig and team went like clockwork, and so has each visit since. And I must mention Marlena and everyone on reception, always a cheerful welcome when you walk in the door.So I am pleased to recommend Fusion Dentistry, they are in my experience the go to place for Dental work, particularly implant surgery, in our part of the world.
Joshua Hydon
Joshua Hydon
21:55 21 Sep 23
Cannot fault Fusion Dentistry. Made to feel very welcome after being referred to them. All of the staff are amazing and make you feel at ease and very comfortable throughout all my visits.
tony Mobey
tony Mobey
11:26 25 Apr 23
From day one of being introduced to fusion and the staff it’s been absolutely terrific.Staff friendly technicians really know what they’re doing and put your mind at rest from the start.Operation day went like a dream excuse the pun as I had sedation.Follow/check up with great staff again. Always make you feel comfortable.Well done all would highly recommend.
Arturo C. P.
Arturo C. P.
21:59 21 Apr 23
Excellent clinic with awesome staff.My procedure was quite intimidating on paper but from the first visit there was an influx of confidence that helped going through the process.The procedure went really well, with one of the top clinicians in the country leading the surgery, doing some extra engineering that would make the results better and more durable as I like to thing I’m still young.The follow up was great, with plenty of appointments to make sure everything was going as planned and the team working hard and precisely to overcome some difficulties brought about by an overbite. In contrast with NHS where they offered to saw off some of my jawbone and then sticking it back together to compensate, Fusion found a way to achieve this without so much pains and sacrifices.I would encourage anyone who needs a procedure to at least visit the clinic and have their assessment, any fears or insecurities will vanish after that first visit and the staff will look after you for the years to come.I am myself very glad I put myself in their hands
Pamela Emery
Pamela Emery
13:30 04 Apr 23
Cannot praise this practice enough, completed my treatment last year but Fusion always on hand if you have any concerns, after care second to none, their professionalism and expertise ,even with really nervous patients cannot be measured
Dave Hackett
Dave Hackett
15:16 26 Jan 23
There is only one question, "Is it worth it?"The simple answer is yes every penny. What price peace of mind...Fusion Dentistry are the smile makers. If this is a journey you are thinking of taking. Take it with Fusion. From the first appointment to the last and beyond they will guide you through the process. Everything about them is five star. Everybody is helpful and informative, nothing is to much trouble. For me the after care was very important. Happy to report it was fabulous.Highly recommended !!!
Peter Hunt
Peter Hunt
08:39 17 Oct 22
I am posting this review on behalf of my wife as she does not have a google account. Her opinion is that the team at Fusion are friendly and professional. They explained the treatment process, which included inserting 3 titanium rods into her jaw bone on which 3 new teeth were eventually bonded. The process took around 9 months and she was kept fully informed as to what would be done and when. She felt very comfortable with the work being done and that the surgeons operating were at the top of their profession. She unequivocally recommends Fusion to anyone contemplating using their services. Also, Fusion were highly recommended by her own private dental surgeon when the procedure required could not be delivered at his practice.
John Rogers
John Rogers
12:04 03 Aug 22
I have been with Fusion since November 2021 and can only say that the service and treatment I have received in that time has been absolutely superb. I received treatment for a full upper dental implant which was carried out in one day and the professionalism of staff, dental staff and Dr was second to none. The work carried out prior to the operation, during and after was brilliant. There were no complications at any time and today I have a perfect set of dental implants which has put a big smile back on my face. I would recommend Fusion to anybody and would go back at any time. Many thanks for the help and treatment you gave and still are. JR.
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