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19 June 2023

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Linda’s Story

For Linda, the complications began nearly a decade ago, following the placement of a five-tooth bridge. This dental procedure, intended to restore the functionality and appearance of her upper teeth, unfortunately marked the beginning of an array of ongoing dental issues. Instead of solving her problems, the bridge became a source of constant pain and discomfort due to repeated infections and abscesses that seemed to have a domino effect on her oral health.

Over the years, Linda faced a relentless cycle of toothache, treatments, and temporary fixes that never truly addressed the underlying issues. The situation deteriorated to the point where her teeth began to fail one after another. Each tooth lost was not just a physical loss but an emotional blow to Linda, significantly affecting her self-esteem and emotional well-being. The partial denture she was given to address the loss of her teeth provided little solace. It was uncomfortable, especially because it covered the roof of her mouth, a sensation she found particularly intolerable.

Feeling the denture on the roof of her mouth every day was a constant reminder of her dental struggles. It affected how she ate and spoke, and even how she socialized, casting a shadow over her everyday interactions and activities. The denture did not fit well with her natural oral contours, causing irritation and discomfort, adding to her misery rather than alleviating it.

The emotional toll of dealing with these ongoing dental issues was significant. Each new dental problem, each visit to the dentist, and each look in the mirror reminded her of the relentless progression of her dental decline. The situation seemed bleak, and Linda often felt hopeless, believing that a comfortable and appealing dental solution might never be within her reach.

However, after enduring years of discomfort and dissatisfaction with removable dentures and failing dental work, Linda began to explore more permanent and less troublesome solutions. Her research led her to discover the option of dental implants, a solution that seemed increasingly appealing given her desire to avoid the discomfort of removable dentures and to have a more stable, permanent fix.

Linda learned that dental implants could offer her a chance to regain both the functionality of natural teeth and the aesthetic appearance she longed for. Unlike dentures, implants would not require the removal of any parts of her mouth, nor would they cover the roof of her mouth. They would stand independently, anchored securely into her jawbone, providing strength and stability akin to that of natural teeth.

With this information, Linda’s outlook began to change. She was intrigued by the possibility of “All-on” dental implants, a procedure where a full arch of prosthetic teeth is supported by just four to six implants. This method seemed ideal for her needs, promising a fixed and more natural-feeling solution to her dental woes.

Feeling a mix of cautious optimism and desperation for a change, Linda decided to pursue the implant option. She consulted with a dental specialist known for successful implant procedures, discussing her past experiences, her current dental status, and her hopes for the future. The specialist provided thorough explanations about the procedure, recovery, and long-term care, which helped to ease some of Linda’s apprehensions.

The decision to proceed with the All-on dental implants was a major turning point in Linda’s life. The surgery involved removing her remaining failing teeth, placing the implants, and attaching a provisional set of teeth that she could use during the healing process. Despite the complexity and invasiveness of the procedure, the promise of a permanent solution gave Linda a newfound hope.

Post-surgery, Linda experienced a significant transformation. The implants felt secure, and unlike the denture, they did not irritate the roof of her mouth. She could eat foods she hadn’t enjoyed in years, speak without discomfort, and smile without self-consciousness. The change in her oral health brought about an unexpected rejuvenation in her overall demeanour. Linda found herself more outgoing, more confident, and more engaged in her social life.

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