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We know you might be nervous about the dentist and we often treat patients who have previously put off treatment for a number of years. Our whole team here at Fusion Dentistry in Cardiff understands your concerns. We have won many Best dentist for nervous patients awards. Our private dentistry clinic and on-site laboratory near Cardiff city centre has been carefully developed to offer an environment that helps even the most anxious patients undergo the treatment they wish. Our team offers a range of sedation options for nervous patients in South Wales, including IV sedation – also known as ‘twilight’ or ‘conscious’ sedation. This induces a relaxing effect, sleepiness, and amnesia – so most patients remember very little of their procedure and believe they slept through the whole thing.


How dental sedation works

The IV sedation procedure is carried out by Fusion Dentistry’s consultant anaesthetist. It doesn’t ‘put you to sleep’, as with a general anaesthetic, but it causes a state of deep relaxation and drowsiness. While many nervous patients drop off during treatment, they can be roused to answer questions if required, and will be able to respond to the gentle squeeze of their hand – though with the amnesic effect of the drug, they are unlikely to remember this. Dental sedation also creates the sensation of time passing very quickly, so your procedure will appear to be over in minutes.


FAQs for new or nervous patients

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I’m frightened my treatment will hurt

You may be concerned that your dental implant procedure, or the healing process afterwards, will be painful. But while replacing your missing teeth can sound like an enormous undertaking, dental implant surgery with Fusion dentists is so high-tech, many patients are surprised to discover just how manageable it is – check out Fusion Dentistry reviews on Google and Trust Pilot from our previous patients’. We can assure you that your dental implant procedure will be pain-free – your local anaesthetic, or sedation if required, will ensure you are completely numb. Post-operative pain is normal and to be expected, though every patient is different. It can be controlled and managed with over-the-counter medication as it is only mild. Implant surgery is so precise that the healing process is usually very fast.

I’m frightened of operations

We understand why you might worry about what happens during your dental implant procedure – whether everything will go to plan, and what will happen to you while the implant dentist is working. We won’t begin treatment until you are very familiar with our practice environment and feel confident about our team, technology, skill and experience. At Fusion Dentistry, our implant dentist, Dr Guy McLellan, holds dual medical and dental qualifications. You will also be supported by a team of dedicated and experienced care nurses who will watch over you for the whole of your procedure.

I had a bad past experience at the dentist

Whether you had a painful or traumatic experience in childhood that made you nervous about the dentist, or you’ve simply grown to dislike dental visits, we understand that it may have caused you fear and anxiety. Here at Fusion in Cardiff, we pride ourselves on helping patients have a new and positive experience of dentistry. We are with you every step of the way for support and encouragement. Come and speak to us about what happened before, and let us help put your mind at ease. During all aspects of your treatment, you will have access to a dedicated care practitioner, who will explain every aspect of the process so that you always feel reassured, informed and in control.

I’m embarrassed to see a dentist about my teeth

It is common to feel embarrassed that your natural teeth are unattractive, discoloured, broken, decaying or missing. Maybe someone has made a comment to you, or you feel that you can’t open your mouth to smile properly. Many people feel nervous and embarrassed when they first come to see us at Fusion, but there’s really no need. Fusion dentists and the whole team at our clinic in Cardiff see teeth in all conditions. We are used to helping people that have struggled for a long time before getting the courage to come see us. We want you to feel that you can smile freely and without embarrassment. Trusting Fusion Dentistry with your dental implants will change this for you. We are here to help you overcome the embarrassment and put your nervous patient feelings to one side.

I’m frightened of what might happen

It’s normal to feel anxious about any dental treatment, but it can help to know exactly what will happen so that you can prepare yourself. During the consultation process, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the Fusion Dentistry practice in Cardiff. You can visit Fusion’s onsite lab and meet the surgical team. We will also show you photographs and models of Fusion’s previous work on dental implants, to help you gain a full understanding of the procedure and what can be expected. We offer personal consultations where you can come along and find out about the Fusion Dentistry team and dental implants treatments. We aim to reassure you, every step of the way, so that by the time you have your procedure, you feel completely confident in how Fusion could help transform your smile.

I am interested in alternative therapy

Perhaps you’re suffering from a dental phobia, or you’re not sure what’s causing you to be so nervous of the dentist. As well as dental sedation, we can take a natural, holistic approach to treatment of dental anxiety and can refer you for Amatsu therapy. This is a physical therapy that helps balance the body and brings your body’s healing system into play to overcome physical responses to fear. Talk to our Fusion team about this when you come for your initial visit.

Fusion’s relaxing, home-from-home setting will put you at ease, and with finance solutions available, we make it easy to spread the cost of your treatment. Contact us today for a friendly chat with our dedicated team

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