You can pay the consultation fee here. (we’ll reduce it from your treatment)

If you’ve taken the first step by booking an initial appointment at Fusion Dentistry, you can rest assured that the experience will be very informal – it won’t feel like your usual visit to the dentist. We simply want to assess your dental situation; you don’t even have to sit in the dental chair if you don’t want to. We’ll listen to your concerns, chat about your hopes and expectations, and discuss how Fusion can help you to achieve your new smile.

The great thing about Fusion Dentistry is that your details won’t be sent away to an anonymous dental lab. We’ll give you a tour of both the Cardiff practice and our onsite lab, where your new teeth will be made. You’ll meet the technicians and have a chance to see how your new teeth will be made and understand all about the treatment and processes.

If you are comfortable enough, we may take photos of your smile, an x-ray and impressions of your teeth. This is so that we can advise and plan the most suitable treatment plan for your needs. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like – we want our patients to have a say in every aspect of their procedure, including selecting the shape and colour of their new teeth.