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You could walk away with a beautiful new smile, on the same day…

If you have missing and loose teeth and are looking for a completely new smile, Fusion Dentistry in Cardiff is a perfect choice. Our same-day teeth solutions mean you are never left without teeth! Unlike other treatments, which require you to wear temporary dentures for many months, Same Day Teeth uses technology that allows you to leave the practice with your new smile fixed in place.


Why choose Fusion for Same Day Teeth?

  • Fixed, permanent teeth from day one
  • Natural looking
  • No restrictions on what you eat
  • Speak and laugh with total confidence
  • Look younger and feel great!

Same Day Teeth explained

Consultations and treatment planning

Contact us for a FREE telephone consultation where you will have the opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns with our wonderful Treatment Coordinators. Then visit us for a full clinical consultation where we will provide a comprehensive treatment plan and detail the costs and finance options. Clinical consultations include a CBCT scan. If you are happy to proceed, we then book your treatment appointment at this stage.

Treatment appointments

On your treatment days, you will be made comfortable before we proceed. Our  surgeon will then remove any loose teeth and place an artificial root to secure your new teeth. You will leave the practice with a full set of beautiful, fully functional replacement teeth to be able to smile and eat as normal.

Follow-up appointments

The set of teeth you are provided with at the first treatment appointment will remain in place for approximately three months while your mouth heals and your implants integrate with your jaw bone. After this period, you would return to the practice to be fitted with your beautiful new set of final teeth.

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Frequently asked questions about Same Day Teeth

You already know that Same Day Teeth can be life-changing – but you might have a few more questions. If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, contact us today and one of our helpful team will be on hand to help.

Can you really treat anyone with Same Day Teeth?

Yes, is the simple answer. In all the years we have been treating patients, we have never turned anyone away or not found a solution to a patient’s needs. It doesn’t matter how old you are or the issues you have; we can help! In fact, we often see – and help – patients who have been turned away by other dentists.

How successful is Same Day Teeth treatment?

Same Day Teeth procedures are very successful, and in the hands of our highly experienced team, you can be assured of an excellent outcome. We recommend patients come back once treatment is completed for annual maintenance.

Can Same Day Teeth be paid for with finance?

Yes, we have finance options available including 0% finance over 12 months and an interest-bearing option over longer periods. We can provide details at your initial consultation and you can use our cost calculator as a guide to affordability.

Will I have no teeth at any stage?

No, the Same Day Teeth procedure means that on the day we take your teeth out you will be fitted with an initial set of fixed, fully functional and natural-looking replacement teeth (not dentures). Life changing!

Is this treatment suitable for nervous patients?

Absolutely. At Fusion Dentistry we take great care to reassure patients, always going at their pace and helping them come to terms with the idea of getting implant treatment. We also offer dental sedation as an alternative to local anaesthetic. Do take a look at our testimonials too to get an idea of what treatment at Fusion is like for nervous patients.

Does this kind of surgery hurt?

No. This type of dental surgery is usually a pain-free procedure and is most often carried out under conscious sedation, which combines sedative, analgesic and local anaesthetic. There may be some bruising and swelling for a few days after the procedure. Your dentist will supply you with a comprehensive aftercare plan.

Is it safe?

Yes, same day teeth and other types of implant treatments are well-established. They are supported by over 30 years of clinical evidence and have a 95%+ success rate.

What does aftercare involve?

At Fusion Dentistry, all our patients receive a 12-month aftercare plan as part of their treatment. This includes comprehensive advice on cleaning and eating immediately after your procedure, as well as review appointments and hygiene treatments over the following year.

How quickly can I go back to work after treatment?

Most patients can return to work within one or two days of surgery.

At no stage will you be left with no teeth, and once the initial treatment appointment is completed, you will be able to smile and eat with confidence. What are you waiting for?

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Book your FREE telephone consultation

Our FREE  telephone consultation, gives you peace of mind & could change your life!

Our FREE telephone consultations, give you complete peace of mind and allow you to ask any questions that you have.

  • Discuss your concerns
  • Help you understand your treatment options
  • Explore monthly finance options
  • No obligation to proceed with treatment
  • Hear how other patients have benefited from treatment
  • Questions answered

*Costs are individual to each patient so costs discussed over the telephone will be rough estimates and can change depending on your personal situation.

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We want each and every one of our patients to leave Fusion with the best smile possible. If you have any more questions, simply get in touch with our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible, we’re here to help!