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19 June 2023

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Graham’s Story

A former boxer, Graham spent years in the ring, where physical combat and resilience were part of his daily existence. However, one crucial piece of protective gear he often neglected was a mouthguard. This oversight, which seemed insignificant at the time, had long-lasting consequences that Graham never anticipated. Years of exposure to impacts without adequate dental protection led to severe dental degradation, leaving him with a full upper denture and several loose lower teeth.

By the time Graham approached Fusion Dentistry, his oral health issues had become a significant source of insecurity. He was acutely aware of the limitations and aesthetic concerns posed by his full upper denture. The fear of his denture falling out in public was a constant worry, undermining his confidence and ability to interact comfortably in social situations. His loose lower teeth only compounded these anxieties, making even a simple smile a source of stress.

Graham’s reluctance to smile and his desire to hide his dental condition from others had a profound impact on his self-esteem. He yearned for a solution that would not only address the functional issues of eating and speaking but also restore his confidence to smile without fear. This desire for a smile transformation led him to consider more permanent and stable dental solutions, but the thought of undergoing dental procedures filled him with dread.

For Graham, the emotional hurdle of reaching out for help was as challenging as the dental issues themselves. He had been contemplating calling Fusion Dentistry for quite some time but found it incredibly hard to make that initial contact. The anxiety and nervousness about facing his dental problems and undergoing treatment were overwhelming. However, his desire for a change grew stronger, pushing him to finally reach out to Fusion Dentistry.

Upon contacting Fusion, Graham was introduced to a compassionate team that understood his apprehensions as a very nervous patient. During his first consultation, he expressed his fears about dental procedures and his particular concern about the stability and appearance of his dentures. It was during this conversation that he first learned about the option of IV sedation—a method that could help alleviate his anxiety during dental procedures. This information was a turning point for Graham, providing him with the reassurance that he could undergo dental treatment in a state of relaxed consciousness, making the entire process less daunting.

The dental team at Fusion Dentistry proposed a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to Graham’s needs and concerns. The plan included the use of All-on-4 dental implants, a revolutionary technique that provides patients with a full arch of prosthetic teeth anchored securely to just four implants per jaw. This solution was ideal for Graham, offering him a permanent and stable alternative to his troublesome dentures.

The All-on-4 procedure is renowned not only for its functionality and durability but also for its ability to significantly enhance the aesthetic appearance of the patient’s smile. For someone like Graham, who had been self-conscious about his smile for years, this was an essential factor. The procedure promised to restore not only the mechanics of his bite but also the confidence to smile openly.

Graham’s treatment day was marked by a mix of nervous anticipation and hope. With the support of IV sedation, he underwent the implant procedure. The transformation was immediate and profound. Once the implants were placed and his new teeth fitted, Graham could hardly believe the change. For the first time in years, he had a full set of teeth that felt stable and looked natural.

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