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Welcome to Fusion.

Our highly experienced team has decades of experience in creating beautiful smiles in South Wales – not just for patients who want to make a cosmetic improvement, but for those who never thought they could have new teeth. Our state-of-the-art facility in Cardiff is equipped with the latest technology, coupled with stylish and comfortable spaces that feel calming and relaxing. This exceptional combination allows us to deliver life-changing dentistry. Many of our patients have previously been told they are not suitable for dental implants or cosmetic dentistry. At Fusion, we have yet to see a patient whom we have not been able to help.

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Your life changing new smile starts with a simple, no-obligation telephone consultation. Talk to us to learn about your options and then make up your mind.

You’ve been hiding your smile long enough. We can give you a fabulous new lease of life in just one day. Look at your calendar and decide which day it will be!

Smile makeovers at Fusion in South Wales are completely bespoke – taking into account your existing teeth, bone structure and colouring, ensuring the final result looks and feels natural.

Our purpose is to help YOU

We understand that committing to dental treatment is a big step. Many of our patients are very nervous about dentistry and don’t even want to sit in a dental chair and show us their teeth. At Fusion, our free telephone consultations are informal and no-obligation and designed to put your mind at ease with any questions you may have before meeting us. When you then attend a consultation in our clinic, you can sit in our comfortable lounge and have a chat with us about your concerns before going near a dental chair (should you wish to!). We care about helping you feel comfortable and can discuss and reassure you about the treatment you require, the processes (including sedation options) and the costs so that you have a very clear idea of what to expect. We can take as long as you need to feel confident about the care you’ll receive at Fusion


An experienced and caring team

If you’re going to invest in life-changing dentistry, you want to be sure the dental team you select has the knowledge, experience and skills to do the very best job possible. The team at Fusion has decades of experience carrying out complex restorative dentistry, and continually invest in training and education to make sure the very best outcomes are achieved. Mike Fuse is a very experienced Clinical Dental Technician and Dr Guy McLellan holds dual dental and medical degrees. With our exceptional support staff and onsite dental lab, we make a formidable team – but that’s only part of the story. We are passionate about transforming lives, so are always keen to listen to questions, advise and reassure. Our caring nature and genuine desire to help patients is key to inspiring confidence.


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