Tahmeena Kamruz

Dental Technician

Introduction with Tahmeena Kamruz

Meet Tahmeena, the rising star of our in-house laboratory team at Fusion.

With her fresh perspective and a recent qualification as a dental technician in 2021, Tahmeena brings a youthful enthusiasm and a dedication to excellence that resonates in her work.

Tahmeena’s passion for precision and continuous learning makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Her commitment to honing her craft is evident in the beautiful pieces she creates. Whether it’s crafting a delicate restoration or working on intricate details, Tahmeena’s work reflects her dedication to delivering top-notch dental solutions.

As a part of the Fusion family, Tahmeena adds a vibrant touch to our commitment to providing premium dental offerings. Her drive to learn and her creative approach promise a bright future, and we’re excited to have her shaping the dental solutions that set Fusion apart.

Experience the innovation and fresh ideas that Tahmeena brings to our team. With her by our side, Fusion is on the cutting edge of dental excellence, ensuring that every piece crafted is a masterpiece of precision, quality, and innovation.

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