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19 June 2023

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Lizzie’s Story

Lizzie’s story began long before she stepped through the doors of Fusion Dentistry, rooted in years of dental struggle and pain. Struggling with severe periodontal disease, Lizzie faced a daily reality that many patients can understand. The most mundane activities—eating, speaking, even smiling—were overshadowed by discomfort and self-consciousness. “I had the worst denture ever,” she confessed to our team, she was feeling frustrated and in despair. These dentures, meant to be a solution, felt like a burden. They covered the roof of her mouth, turning each meal into a challenge and leaving her in constant discomfort.

Her natural teeth, unstable and unreliable, only added to her misery. The thought of enjoying a simple meal or the casual pleasure of sucking on a polo mint seemed like distant luxuries. Yet, the alternative—undergoing dental surgery to remove her failing teeth—filled her with an overwhelming fear. Torn between enduring her current pain and the fear of the unknown, Lizzie felt trapped by her fear of the dentist.

The emotional toll was evident. Lizzie, inherently a joyful and positive person, found her smile was dulled by her deteriorating self confidence and insecurity, hiding her vibrant personality. Recognizing the profound impact her dental health had on her well-being, Lizzie made a decision that would chart a new course in her life. She approached Fusion Dentistry, not just in search of dental treatment, but in pursuit of a transformation that would reclaim her confidence and joy.

At Fusion, we understood the gravity of Lizzie’s situation. Our team, comprising experts in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, was determined to restore not just Lizzie’s smile, but her quality of life. After attending a consultation and evaluation, Lizzie and our dedicated team of dental professionals decided on a course of action that would address her needs holistically—the Upper and Lower All-on-4 Dental Implants.

The All-on-4 treatment was a beacon of hope for Lizzie. This innovative procedure, known for its ability to transform smiles and lives with just four implants per jaw, promised a long term solution to her dental issues.

As Lizzie emerged from the final stages of her smile makeover, the transformation was profound. The once constant pain was gone, replaced by a sense of freedom she had long forgotten. Her new teeth, both functional and aesthetically pleasing, allowed her to enjoy meals without discomfort, embracing flavours and textures with a newfound appreciation. But the change went deeper than the physical. Lizzie’s confidence, once diminished by her dental issues, was boosted once she had rediscovered her smile.

Lizzie has found herself being grateful in the simple pleasures she couldn’t previously enjoy. She can now stroll along the beach with her dog, smiling freely, unburdened by the fear of pain from the chilling wind. She could laugh, speak, and smile freely. Her journey with Fusion Dentistry had not just given her a new smile; it has given her a new lease on life.

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