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19 June 2023

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Richard’s Story

Richard’s dental issues began with a skiing accident in the slopes of Italy, a trip intended for leisure that took a drastic turn. The fall resulted in leaving him with a severely broken jaw and damaged teeth, marking the onset of a long and challenging period in his life. The physical injuries were immediately apparent, but the full extent of their impact on his daily life gradually got worse over the years.

Eating, an activity most take for granted, became a task for Richard. The misalignment and damage to his teeth meant he could not properly chew food, leading to three frightening instances where he choked on food that was too large to swallow. This experience was just yet another reminded for Richard of how badly he wanted and needed permanent smile solution. Alongside it being difficult for Richard to eat, his bite was also severely displaced. A top tooth, misaligned and damaged, dug into his bottom jaw with such severity that sleeping with his mouth closed became impossible. The constant pressure and irritation would lead to him waking up in the morning in pain with sore gums, another daily reminder of the accident and its lasting effects.

For years, Richard struggled with these challenges, adapting his life around his dental issues. He learned to live with the discomfort and the constant fear of choking. However, the psychological impact of his condition was less visible but equally debilitating. At a family wedding, an event meant for joy and celebration, Richard was confronted with a painful truth. His aunt pointed out to him that he wasn’t smiling in any of the photos, which showed how his dental issues had effected his confidence and self esteem.

This moment of realization was a turning point for Richard. The reflection on his aunt’s observation revealed to him how much he had withdrawn from moments of happiness, choosing instead to hide his smile. Determined to reclaim his life and his smile, Richard began searching for a good dentist to help transform his smile. He was not looking to find just any dentist, but one who could truly understand his complex needs and situation.

When Richard discovered Fusion Dentistry and met with our talented dentist Dr Tim Mills, it was a meeting that sparked hope. Impressed by the compassion, understanding, and expertise Tim displayed, Richard felt confident in taking the next step. His decision to undergo the All-on-4 upper and lower dental implants procedure was not made lightly but stemmed from a deep trust in Fusion’s ability to change his life.

The All-on-4 procedure was revolutionary for Richard. Designed to replace damaged or lost teeth with a full dental bridge supported by only four dental implants, it promised a solution that was both functional and aesthetic. The procedure was a success, marking the end of Richard’s long-standing dental issues and the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

Post-treatment, the changes in Richard’s quality of life were incredible. No longer did he have to fear eating or choke on his food; he could now enjoy any meal he desired without hesitation. The pain and discomfort that once plagued his nights were gone, replaced by restful sleep and mornings free of pain. But perhaps the most significant transformation was in Richard’s confidence. The self-consciousness that had once caused him to hide his smile was replaced by a newfound pride in his appearance. He could now smile freely in photos, capturing moments of happiness without reservation.

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