Marlene Bousselet

Front of House Coordinator

Introduction with Marlene Bousselet

Say hello to Marlene, the radiant face of Fusion Dentistry, and our indispensable front-of-house coordinator.

Every patient is in for a treat as Marlene welcomes them with genuine warmth, ensuring their comfort is top priority. She has an incredible knack for making everyone feel at ease; there’s no such thing as “too much effort” when it comes to ensuring your visit is exceptional.

Off-duty, Marlene calls Cardiff home, sharing her life’s journey with her beloved partner. Here’s a charming twist – Marlene is a yoga enthusiast, finding tranquillity in the practice that she adores. And did we mention she’s a proud parent to three adorable feline friends? Her love for her cats is undeniable and adds a unique touch of warmth to our team.

When you step into Fusion Dentistry, you’re greeted by Marlene’s genuine care and the delightful atmosphere she creates. Your comfort and well-being are her priorities, making your visit truly memorable.

So next time you’re here, make sure to say hi to Marlene and share a smile!

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